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Do you need a reason other than "Why not?"
Well then my friend, let me tell you about our crew's antics.
Here are a few of the examples:

"We're swimming in Mother Nature's tears!"
"I regret this! everything!"
"I'm breastfeeding" (This one needs context. Its a guy with a water backpack sharing with someone.)
"I enjoy pain and suffering. It makes me feel powerful."
"I wasn't born I was summoned!"
"I'm made of murder, chaos, and destruction."(The context doesn't help this one so good luck.)
"Get the flippity flapjack over here!"(Demanding the sun to shine on the campsite.)
"Use your manly-manceps!"
"I consist of trail mix, it runs in my blood." (They really love(d) trail mix.)
"I joined the crew mostly to get away from the 11-year-olds." 11-year-old walks by.
"Y P T!!!" (To basically any physical contact...)
"It's not called a secret society, it's called a posse."
"I forgot how to drink water." 
"Bathtubs are just reversed boats."
"Ole Mc Buckboard Mcorkle is trying to kill us again."
"A caterpillar is just a maggot butterfly."
"It's almost like we are in nature!" (We were 13 miles into a backpacking trip)
Spots two turtles fighting. "I bet on the brown, round one. Go muddy turtle!" Everyone begins cheering for the brown turtle.
"Huh, scouting."
"Pass the drugs!" (We were giving him advil)
"I like to use big words to make myself sound more photosynthesis."